At ONTIER we have headquarters
in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

All our offices share the same principles and values. Our philosophy emphasizes the local excellence of each partner, along with the values and the soul that comprise the multinational structure of our firm.

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Fighting isn’t the same as struggling

At ONTIER we strive for excellence, both professional and personal. That’s why, for us, age is no barrier. And we have complete faith in young people, because we fully understand that the world of tomorrow belongs to them.

Imposing isn’t the same as proposing

At ONTIER we’re flexible. The diversity of our clients, each with different needs, allows our teams to manage their work time and adapt to them as best as possible.

Knowing isn’t the same as knowing how

For over a half century we’ve been at the forefront of legal practice and we’ve had a part in many of the most prominent legal matters. We have the knowledge and we’ve developed the capacity to know how to do things right.

Being international isn’t the same as being global
with a local soul

At ONTIER we have a pioneering model of international expansion. We’re committed to achieving visibility beyond borders and to valuing local knowledge as competitive advantages.

Adapting isn't the same as anticipating

At ONTIER we're innovators, both in how we work with our clients and in our own internal processes. We avoid sticking to the same routine because that’s how we evolve, we grow, and we stand out from the rest.

If you also believe that things can be different,
we have a place for you